Michael Miller

Michael Miller


LA Weekly Cannabis Section Editor

Michael Miller is an international lawyer, journalist and radio host. Michael worked as an attorney practicing in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, and intellectual property in New York and Los Angeles before shifting his focus to cannabis lobbying, advocacy and advisory services.

In 2018, Michael launched one of the first podcasts in the nascent cannabis industry entitled, “CannaBusiness” followed shortly after by being named the first Cannabis Editor for a US weekly paper, LA Weekly, where is now Associate Publisher and Cannabis Evangelist with over 5 million monthly international readers.

As the co-founder of Medicanna, he advises entrepreneurs, companies, lawmakers and governments on cannabis legalization strategies, laws and policies and is a recognized international speaker. Michael published the children’s book “The Gift” this year and is presently working on the cannabis industry primer “Conversations at the Cannabis Crossroad”. He will be a Host at PMC19 and will also share his personal experience with medicinal cannabis on a talk at the Parallel Sessions.