Sandra Carrillo

Sandra Carrillo

Medical Doctor

Specialized in Cannabinoids Based Medicine.

Sandra Carrillo graduated as a doctor of medicine (MD) in 1997 at the University of Health Sciences in Medellín, Colombia. She worked in the emergency room (ER) and as a general practitioner in several hospitals, before completing a Post Doc Masters in Aesthetic Medicine in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and obtaining a certification as an Anti-Aging Medicine Specialist.

She completed her Certification in Medical Cannabis at Oaksterdam University in California, and obtained a Certification as an Expert Doctor in Medical Cannabis by the Pharmacology University (Medical Cannabis Training Institute) in Puerto Rico.

After developing an interest in Medicinal Cannabis, she completed her Master’s Degree in Health Services Management in Panamá. During the last years, she has dedicated herself to the study of the use of Cannabinoids in Medicine. She is also a member of ICRS (International Cannabinoid Research Society) and a member of IACM (International Association for Cannabinoid Medicine). She also recently joined the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

Sandra is an active volunteer for different charities and foundations, such as the Luces Foundation, helping children with epilepsy in Panama. Dr. Carrillo’s main goals are to educate physicians about the benefits of Cannabis Medicine and conduct research to create better medical grade products to provide better quality of life to patients.

Sandra Carrillo currently directs the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board for Saviandina Organics, and is a Senior Medical Advisor for The Green Mile SAS.